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New Beginnings 7 Week Meditation Course

Welcome!! Today is a day you will look back on with joy and excitement. You’ll remember it as the day that you grabbed hold of the wisdom in your heart and mind. A day in which you began to develop a spiritual practice that helped you build confidence, self-love and sustained levels of happiness.

Having taught this course for over 15 years, I am still amazed at the results students achieve in just 7 weeks. I personally love this course, as it includes the essentials that I use every single day to maintain a healthy life balance. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for signing up! Peace.

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Lesson One

intuitive energy management

Lesson Two

sensitivities management

Lesson Three

creating your own reality

Lesson Four

optimal emotional reality

Lesson Five

one eye inward one eye outward

Lesson Six

your next beginnings

Lesson Seven